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Choosing the right ISP
How to find the best Internet Service Provider, a list of questions you need to ask, links to sites to find the best ISP

Set up Dial-Up Networking
Set up Dial-Up Networking yourself to avoid having to use your ISP's software

Set up E-Mail
Choose an e-mail program and configure it

Choose a browser
Choose a browser and configure it

Securing your browser
Make your browser more secure to protect your privacy and your PC

Secure E-Mail
Encrypt your e-mail to to protect sensitive content from prying eyes

Internet Security Solutions for Home and SOHO
A great collection of links, tips, and advice about protecting your PC with a firewall. Mandatory reading if you have a cable modem or DSL.

Search the Web
Find information on the World Wide Web quickly and efficiently, using search engines and advanced search techniques

The Basics Of FTP
Learn about what FTP is, why you want to use it, where to get free FTP software, and how to use it

Downloading from the Internet
Great tips for successful, safe and organized downloading from the Internet plus links to great freeware sites

Internet Connection Sharing
Share one Internet connection between multiple PCs for simultaneous web surfing etc.

Multi-Player Gaming
Play computer games against others over a local network or the Internet

Call people over the Internet for free, talk to them and even see them if you have a video camera

Internet Chat
Chatting over the Internet can be fun. Find out how.

Im-/Exporting Internet Settings
Exchanging bookmarks, favorites, address books, messages and e-mail account settings between browsers and e-mail clients

Removing AOL Instant Messenger
How to eliminate AOL's Instant Messenger from your Netscape Communicator Installation

Reset IE Content Advisor
Forgot your IE Content Advisor Password? This trick will show you to remove the password.

Custom HTML signatures
Learn how to create your own HTML signature to use in the forum

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