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As unpleasant and silly it might seem, I guess every site has to have some sort of disclaimer and other legalese page. Please read the following paragraphs carefully to find out about privacy, tracking, copyright and other important issues in regards to this site.


PC911 is not affiliated or linked any other way with any marketing or other spam producing or privacy invading organization. PC911 does not pass on any information of readers and visitors to a third party. PC911 does not pull any tricks, track readers, gather info about them, create profiles or databases about them for marketing purposes, or sell their data, or any other scummy stuff like that. Any information you submit will stay with PC911 and be treated confidential. Short: PC911 treats you the way I would want to be treated when visiting a web site.

I also hate spam, and value your privacy as much as mine, and treat any information you share the same way we would treat mine.


The web server tracks certain information when you visit the site, e.g. what type of browser you use, what pages on the site you look at, etc. When you participate in a poll, a record of the IP address of each voter is kept in order to prevent too many multiple votes. All this is done completely anonymously and non-personally identifiable, and only for the purpose to provide me with some basic statistics about how the site is doing, how many visitors the site has, etc. Every web site you visit collects this type of information, this is normal. Again, this info is treated confidentially and only for my information.


PC911 is a free web site, and in order to cover the monthly web hosting bill, I use various affiliate programs to help finance the site through commission and click-throughs. You will notice ads from e.g. Crucial or CoolerGuys on the site. These are some companies PC911 is working with.

In order to participate, some sort of advertising from these vendors is being displayed. They provide a line or two of HTML code to insert into the pages and they do the rest, from serving the graphic to monitoring whether anybody clicks on it.

Since this advertising is not controlled by PC911, I don't have control over what the affiliate vendors track. Yes, of course they track some information because they want to know if somebody clicks on an ad on this site and buys something. If this is a concern for you, please visit the vendor's web site and read their privacy policy first. But as you can see, the vendors I chose are reputable companies I like, with products I use and/or support, and I trust them to treat our readers with respect.

The information on this site is completely free - no strings attached. But without the affiliate programs this site could not exist. Sure, I would love to have an ad-free web site, but until I find a rich sugar daddy who pays the bills, the site will continue to have ads for the reasons explained above.


Cookies are not the evil spy programs they are always made out to be. They are small, passive text files that can help track what pages you've visited or what ads you've viewed. However, it cannot access any data on your hard drive or actively send any information to a web site. The only information that can be stored in cookies is the information you provide.

Cookies are not required to be active on your browser in order to view this site. If you do have cookies enabled, you might find a cookie set by one of the advertisers so it knows that you came from this site and to give this site the credit in case you purchase something.


All information provided and found on this site is copyright of PC911. The information may be saved and stored on your local machine as well printed for individual personal use. However, distribution or mass reproduction with the intent of distribution in electronic or paper or any other format for free or for pay without explicit permission is strictly prohibited. If you wish to reproduce and/or distribute any content of PC911, please contact me first to obtain permission. If your request is reasonable and in the PC911 spirit, and you promise to clearly cite the source, and provide a copy of the publication, I usually don't have a problem with that.


While I try to provide quality content, make sure that everything described in this site is as accurate as possible, and have tried almost everything here myself, I do not take any responsibility if something goes wrong while applying one of the tutorials or tweaks or scripts, and cannot be held liable. All information on this site is provided as is without any form of guarantee or warranty. By using any of the information found on this site you agree to hold PC911 free of any liability and agree not to pursue any claims or legal action against PC911 for any negative consequences as a result of applying info found on this site. If you don't feel comfortable or are not sure how to do it, don't do it! Let somebody more experienced help you with it or wait until you are more comfortable with it. This site was designed to help you get to know your PC, improve it and maintain it properly - not to make you do things that might mess things up.

Furthermore, I also do not take any responsibility for any negative consequences resulting from using one or more of the freeware software I suggest in the download section. I do not support or distribute said programs, only offer a hyperlink to programs I have tried and like. If you are experiencing issues with any of these programs, please contact the manufacturer of the application directly.

Changes to this policy

PC911 reserves the right to change these rules and conditions at any time without prior notice.

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