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Computer Stuff

TechTutorials TechTutorials is a directory dedicated to providing links that point directly to free tutorials and whitepapers all over the Internet across a broad spectrum of computer related topics. It delivers the best of freely available technical resources through its searchable open directory of tutorials, whitepapers, tips & tricks, FAQs, How-To's and other sources of free technical information.
Scot Finnie's Newsletter Scotís Newsletter covers Windows, broadband, do-it-yourself networking, Microsoft, and the Internet. You'll get insights, analysis, explanation, tips, and straight-shooting advice about desktop computing today, and tomorrow.
The Definitive BIOS Optimization Guide Very insightful article on BIOS settings and features.
The Screen Savers Great computer show that's entertaining and educational at the same time. The Screen Savers
Little White Dog Refreshingly straight forward site with lots of serious and not so serious articles about 'puter stuff. Little White Dog
The Tech Zone Great selection of articles and reviews about games, hardware, and more. Visit The Tech Zone
Paul's Unofficial KG7-RAID/KR7A-RAID FAQ If you have a question about or a problem with a KG7-RAID or KR7A-RAID motherboard, this is the place to start your research.
DaLanTech This guy knows his networking! Great articles and guides on anything network.
Hard Drive Depository Excellent site with good advice for many common computer questions.
Ars Technica Excellent Power User Site, good message boards, good hands-on info.
Lockergnome Great newsletter with lots of computer info, tips, links and more.
Beta Bites Great Source for anything Beta.
Freeware Arena Extensive collection of true freeware and links to freeware sites
Bootable CD FAQs on how to create a bootable CD ROM Site of Fred Langa, freelance computer/web author, editor, analyst and consultant. Good articles and newsletter.
Beta News All about beta software. For anybody who likes to live on the edge A great reference library for computer terms and more
Compguys Techweb A nice collection of PC support forums and other resources
HTML Goodies Any question about HTML will be answered here
PC Guide More than you ever wanted to know about what's inside your computer
Anand Tech Another great site for power users
Tom's Hardware Excellent resource for info about motherboards, processors and overclocking
Overclockers For speedfreaks who need to coax every megahertz from their processor
Phoenix Technologies Identify your motherboard by your Award BIOS number

Links to Manufacturer's Web Sites

URLTechnical Support Phone #
3Com 800-527-8677
3dfx 800-234-4334
Abit 510-623-0500
Acer 800-445-6495
Adaptec 800-959-7274
ALi Chipsets n/a
AMD 408-749-3060
American Megatrends Bios 770-246-8645
Aopen 510-489-8928
Apple Computers 800-767-2775
AST Computers
ATI Technologies 905-882-2626
Aureal Sound Cards
Award and Phoenix Bios
Aztech Labs 510-623-8988
Belkin 800-223-5546 ext. 2263
Canon 800-848-4123
Cirrus Logic
Compaq 800-652-6672
Conexant (Rockwell) Modems
Creative Labs 405-742-6688
Cyrix 800-462-9749
Dell 888-560-8324
D-Link 949-790-5290
Diamond Multimedia Systems 541-967-2450
Ensoniq Corporation
Epson 800-922-8911
FIC Taiwan
Fujitsu 800-626-4686
Guillemot 877-484-5536
Hayes Modems 800-736-4107
Hercules 877-484-5536
Hewlett Packard 208-323-2551
Hitachi 800-448-2244
IBM 800-772-2227
Intel 916-377-7000
Iomega 888-446-6342
Kingston Technology 800-337-8410
Lexmark 888-539-6275
Linksys 800-326-7114
Logitech 702-269-3457
Mag Monitors 800-827-3998
Matrox 514-685-0270
Maxtor 800-262-9867
Micron 877-894-5693
Microsoft 425-635-7222
Motorola 800-331-6456
NEC Technologies 800-632-4662
Number Nine Visual Technologies n/a
Oak Technologies
Okidata 800-654-3282
Packard Bell
Panasonic 800-211-7262
Philips 800-531-0039
Promise Technologies 408-452-1180
QMS Printers 877-778-2687
Quantum 800-826-8022
S3 Video Cards 541-967-2450
Seagate 800-792-4883
Shiva 781-687-1000
Sony Electronics 888-476-6972
Soyo Motherboards 510-226-7696
STB Systems 800-234-4334
Supra Modems 541-967-2450
Toshiba 800-457-7777
Turtle Beach 914-966-2150
Tyan 510-440-8808
UMAX 800-468-8629
US Robotics 866-287-7669
Western Digital 800-275-4932
Xircom PCMCIA Cards 805-376-9200

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