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PC-cillin 2000


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Rating: Very good


After dealing with another major company with virtually no way to contact, McAfee AntiVirus software was unacceptable. After tiring of numerous software and system conflicts with the Norton AntiVirus Programs; after being infected with Trojans that InoculateIT PE promised to detect & correct and did not, and in addition locked me out of my system so that I could not correct the problems myself; I decided to try a Microsoft 2000 approved and top rated PC AntiVirus program PC-cillin 2000.

There is a 30 day trial evaluation period but I only used the program 5 days before purchasing it for $29.95. They actually even have tech support that responds! The link provided to the manufacturer's product web site will provide most information necessary.

The only down side I've found is I chose to disable the Web Filter & Web Security option as it consumes approximately 40% of my ADSL resources. The company promises to be working on this problem, but I prefer not to use it anyway. I am mostly concerned with Viruses through e-mail as I use Black Ice Defender as my firewall type protection. (Another EXCELLENT program with good tech support. No problems found!) You also have the option to disable the annoying splash screen every time your email is checked.

After reviewing major site reviews of PC-cillin 2000 (it usually was rated 1st) I decided to give it a try and it is now my AntiVirus program of choice, without hesitation.

Submitted by: Tim Turner

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