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Combat Mission


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Rating: Excellent!


If you are interested in war games, this is the one that you will need to play. It is based on the Normandy invasion in WW2 and the ensuing battles and campaigns. It is realistic, it seems as if you are watching a war movie, and you control either the Allied side or the German side.

The 3-D graphics in this game are very good. You can literally look at your battles from any viewpoint you wish. The sounds are (as far as I can tell) very authentic, from the sound of the machine guns to the yells of the squad sergeants. The interface is very simple and basically intuitive, but when you buy the game you'll get an excellent manual.

The game playing is really infinite, as you can make up your own battles. In addition to the prepared scenarios, there are scenarios created by other people using the editor that comes with the game. While it depicts violence - after all, war is violent - there is no blood nor are any wounds shown. You are merely told that your squad now only has x men. Because of the 3-D graphics, you need a good graphics card and the necessary CPU processing means that you need a fairly recent computer. I am running it on a Dell Dimension with a 466 Mhz CPU and 128MB RAM.

You can download a free demo from If you decide to buy the game, you can order it online from the Battlefront web site. They will send you a CD and the excellent manual. It is not available in stores but has been reviewed by computer gaming magazines with rave reviews. An excellent buy. I just think the game rocks!

Submitted by: Alan G. Strachan

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