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Corel Draw 9


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Rating: Excellent!


Each new release of Corel Draw gets better. I started with 5, used 7, 8 and now I use 9. With 8, I really didn't see any way for Corel to improve, but I was wrong. The interface has been made easier to use, the program is more integrated than ever before, and functions which used to be separate programs (such as Corel Scan) have been integrated into the main applications making for faster, more efficient use.

If you do extensive graphics work, give this suite a serious look. I use Photo Paint most of the time, and I find it is much more intuitive than PhotoShop. It ships with a number of features which require plug-ins for PhotoShop and also supports the PhotoShop plug-in standard, so you can use PhotoShop plug-ins with it.

The one area which got some bad press was the elimination of the roll-ups. To be honest, I didn't even notice that they were gone until reading one of those reviews, because the new setup is so much easier to use.

Corel Draw 9 is heavily focused on the web, has a fantastic tutorial, and the amount of material on the three CDs is amazing. If you need a professional level graphics program, this is hard to beat.

Submitted by: Al

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