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Aliens vs. Predator


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Rating: Forget about it


Yes, a game.

After reading a number of reviews of this in a few places, I had the opportunity to get it and thought I would check it out. The idea of being able to take three completely different approaches to the game appealed to me.

Well, after installation, the game would start on my main screen and then switch to my second screen. (I run dual monitors on a G400 dualhead). Also, when my character fired or took damage, the game would crash out to the start bar. So, I disabled the second monitor and tried again. Now it wouldn't run at all. Up to the net, and after searching a number of sites, I found a save patch and a patch for the G400. Installed them as instructed and tried again. Same problems.

Sent an e-mail to Tech Support at Fox Interactive and received a reply (with a persons name) telling me

1. The patch fixes all issues and where to find it - even though my initial e-mail and stated that I had installed the patch already!

2. I could call a toll number in the USA for additional support - I am in Thailand..I don't think so.

This game goes in my trash pile.

Submitted by: Al

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