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What is Send-To?

One of the most powerful tools in Windows is the right mouse button. That one little button opens up so many new options and makes so many things so much easier, I find myself using this right mouse button almost more often than the left one. A particularly useful but not very commonly used right-click option is Send-To.

Official Southpaw Disclaimer

Okay, okay, I can already hear all you southpaws out there screaming, so here's the official PC911 southpaw disclaimer: This article was written from a right-hander's point-of-view, so all you lefties please substitute left for right and right for left in this article - unless of course it's right like in the opposite of wrong, then don't substitute anything. Everybody thoroughly confused? Ok, then let's move on and explore the Send-To option.

Where to find Send-To

To find out what you can do with Send-To, let's create a test file to play around with. Go to Start/Run, type in Notepad, and click OK. Notepad will open on your screen. Type something, e.g. This is a test file. (or, if you feel creative and daring, type something else). Then click File/Save As and save this file as test.txt on your C drive in the root directory.

Now open Windows Explorer, click on your C drive on the left to see its contents on the right. You should see a file called test.txt listed. Right-click on the test file to get the right-click menu and click on the Send-To option. You'll see a sub-menu popping up. At the very least you should have 4 options listed here that Windows installs as the default options. They are

  • 3½ Floppy (A)
  • Desktop (create shortcut)
  • Mail Recipient
  • My Documents

You might see some more, we'll get to that in a moment. First, let's see how the default options work.

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