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We're proud to have received the following awards and recognitions for this site:

TechTV/The Screen Savers' Help Site Of The Week

Windows Magazine "Free and friendly tech support that everyone can understand ... We really like this site.",23008,3326278,00.html

Scot Finnie's Link of the Week

"Any serious long-term fan probably came across the Winmag Forums at one point or another. You might have haunted the place. We had some of the best forum regulars any website ever had, anywhere. Knowledgeable, helpful, straight-shooting folks who helped thousands and thousands of Windows users. For years. Okay, so is dead. But many of its best forum regulars are easy to find. As are lots of great how-to articles, reviews, and other helpful stuff. Oh, yeah, and a great forum. I'm talking about the newest SFNL Link of the Week, PC911."

Computer User Link of the Week ComputerUser - Link of the Week

Windows Magazine Link of the Week

Windows Magazine Windows Insider - Link of the Week

Lockergnome - Gnomesite of the Week

Lockergnome "Why I like this site: the Goody Corner is a godsend." - Lockergnome - Site of the Week

"Easy, pratical and very useful..."

Critical Mass Award

Critical Mass Award "A very nice site, excellent design, tasteful original graphics, and your content is informative, entertaining, presented well and easy to access. A worthy enterprise and a positive contribution to the Web."

Mountain Site Award

Mountain Site Award "Our feeling is that you have done some remarkable work on your site, and we have unanimously decided that you and your site merit our applause and admiration for a job well done. Please accept this award with the knowledge that and its staff, rates your site among the best on the web. Keep up the Great Work!"

Market-Tek Design Award

Market-Tek Design Award

Virtual Frog Award

Virtual Frog Seniors Network Award "I recommend this site highly for questions, and intelligent answers ... a very good team, of knowledgeable people ..."

Feedback from our readers

"An excellent resource for learning the basics ..." - Jay Lee, Houston Chronicle

"... a dynamite site you will want to mark as a favorite." - Sandra Kelly, The Roanoke Times

"That's a terrific looking site ... and a HUGE investment in worthwhile effort. Very nice!" - Steve Gibson,

"I just want to say you guys have the most informative site I have ever seen, not to mention user friendly. I've been lookin for a site like this for a long time. This is the holy grail for PC enthusiasts. Please keep up the good work. Favorite list? Damn straight! Thanx for the awesome site."

"Your website is great. It's very well organized. I had a question, and within 30 seconds of surfing to your site, I found the answer."

"PC911 is a really cool site, has the best forum in the Web, with a superb team and with users that really make it incomparable."

"Thanks for creating such an excellent site. The format is laid out particularly well ... it is so refreshing in an age when other sites seem to be going the route of "tangled mess" design with plug-ins and other garbage on their index pages."

"Thanks for everything. You have a ton of good, reliable, useful stuff."

"I'd like to congratulate you on your wonderful site, all the hints and tips are very easy to follow even for an old cheese like me."

"I just had to drop you a line to let you know how much I appreciate your site. The information provided is invaluable to a near-PC novice. There is a wealth of applicable information and you have somehow made it one of the fastest loading sites I have ever visited."

"Thanks for being there and creating such a wonderful ministry!"

"This is really the most interesting and best site I've ever seen on the WWW! ... I was screening the web for several days yet without result! Apart from general PC help sites not one explained basic things which i was seeking! And then I decided to let Copernic do the job for me ... with PC911 as a result!! I can't find enough words or superlatives to describe your wonderful site! It is superb!"

"This is really the most interesting and best site i've ever seen on the wweb. I can't find enough words or superlatives to describe your wonderful site! It is superb! Thanks very much and keep on going the good work."

"Thanks a million for the informative tutorials and the plain english approach to learning. I'll be a regular visitor to your site."

"I enjoy my visits to your site because of the people your site attracts. Knowledgeable, witty folks who gladly share the wealth of their knowledge with minimum flame damage. Also your site is easy to navigate with a plethora of valuable information for anyone who is a computer hobbyist regardless of their particular interest. More than once I have received the answer I needed to a difficult problem. In fact I think that is one of your site's strong points ..."

"I have just started delving deeper into computers. I want to unequivocally state this is the finest, no-nonsense, user-friendly site I have seen to date. PLEASE oh PLEASE, I beg you to continue your work. Neophytes such as myself need someone like you who is able to put these things into jargon we can understand, follow, and do easily. YOU HAVE DONE IT!!!"

"Just writing to thank you for your wonderful site. I learned a tremendous amount, and I will be back for more. Keep up the good work!!!"

"Your site is great. It has a lot of nice people willing to help the average guy."

"This is by far the best computer web site I've found, none of the others even come near this. Thanks for taking the time and resources to keep this site up. It has been a tremendous help to me."

"Your help is wonderful. For an old lady who is trying to get computer smart... someone who does your online work is such a blessing!"

"I appreciate your time, and most of all, a straight answer!! :o) Your honesty is Most refreshing! I will certainly recommend your Site."

"Excellent site you have. You are a credit to the internet community. You solved two problems I had."

"You've got a great site!! Thanx for putting it out there for us beginners."

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