Computer training videos - Using content advisor in internet explorer


Windows Tune up Video #9
“Using Internet Explorer Content Advisor”

You can restrict internet content in Windows XP, to prevent children or other unauthorized users, from viewing site that display inappropriate langue, nudity, sex, or violence.

To turn on the Content Advisor, open Internet Explorer, select Tools on the tool bar, and go down to Internet Options.

Click on the Content tab, and select the Enable button under Content Advisor. On the Ratings tab are the different categories you can select the different levels of protection for. Use the slider bar to adjust the level of protection.

One you have set the level of protection, select OK. Next, you will be asked, to create a password, confirm your password, and create a password hint. Select OK, you will be notified that the content advisor has been enabled, select OK again.

Remember, every time you access a web site, that has not been designated as safe, your password will be required to view that web site.

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