Computer training videos - Scheduling automatic updates in windows xp


Windows Xp Tune up Video #6

“Using Windows Automatic Update”

You can configure Windows Xp Automatic Update feature to automatically check for, download, and install updates. Windows Xp is a work in progress. The programmers are constantly finding and fixing small issues in Windows Xp. System intruders are a constant threat, and virus, worms, and other malevolent programs, multiply by the hour. To alleviate these issues, the Windows Xp programmers regularly issue updates that plug security leaks.

To enable Automatic Updates, choose your Start Menu, right click My Computer, select Properties, and select the Automatic Updates tab.

On the Automatic Updates tab, you can Enable Automatic Update. You can choose a day, or everyday and a time that the system will check for updates. Be sure that the time you choose will coincide with a time your computer will be running.

Once you are done with these settings, click Apply, and then Ok. Your system is now set up to check for automatic updates.

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