Computer training videos - How to make a program start automatically when booting


Windows Xp Tune up Video #5

“Automatically Start an Application on Startup”

It can be handy to have an application start whenever you boot into Windows, if you use the application often. To do this, right click the Start Menu, and select Explore.

In the window to the left, under Documents and Settings navigate to your documents folder. Under the sub folder Start Menu, click the + (plus sign) next to Programs to expand it, and then click to highlight the Startup folder.

Once the Startup folder is highlighted, you can click on the Start button and browse in All Programs to locate the program you want to run upon start up.

When you find the program you want, right click and hold down the mouse button while dragging the executable file to the Startup folder. Select Copy Here and the program will be set up to start whenever you boot up Windows.

To stop a program from running at startup, right click the icon and select Delete.

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