Computer training videos - Add a user to windows xp


Windows XP Tuneup Video #3

“Creating a User Account in Windows XP”

Here are the instructions to add another user account to Windows Xp, so another user can access the System.

Click on the Start button on choose Control Panel. Once the Control Panel opens, select User Accounts.

On the Pick a Task screen, select Create a New Account. Type in the name of the new user and click Next.

Now you will need to Pick an Account Type. Either choose Computer Administrator to give the new user full rights to the system. Or, choose Limited to keep this user from making any changes to the computer system. Then select Create Account.

If you want to attach a password to this new account, click on the new account and select Create a Password. Type in the password and then retype the password to confirm it. Then enter a word or phase as a password hint. Then select Create Password.

You have now created a new account that has been password protected.

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