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Optimize your computer's registry

For the past few months after buying a new computer it started to slow down. I was looking for advice on what to do to help with these new slow downs. The internet and general computer functions had slowed dramatically. After a while of going through what seemed like endless content I came up with a quick check list of things that might help you as well. If you have a registry optimizer or registry cleaner, you can speed things up a bit.

First I found you should always run virus protection software, keep it updated and run it weekly. Secondly you should have some sort of spyware removal software to remove instances of software that report where you browse on the internet. Spyware can cause major slowdowns.

Always insure you run basic system maintenance. Utilities such as Defrag. Chkdsk and disk cleanup. All of these utilities (I learned) are found under start button/accessories/system tools except for Chksdsk. You can also use a system optimizer that is built to do these things for you, this will save you some time for sure.

Chkdsk can be used in xp by right clicking the drive and choosing properties. On the properties page select the tools tab. This utility cannot be run without performing a restart apparently. To schedule it select error checking and you will be informed it cannot run now. It will then ask if you would like to run this utility on the next startup.

One issue I experienced was when using windows I would get random errors. I found another utility that I’m sure most of us do not know about. This utility is system file checker. It checks your Windows operating system files for inconsistencies in version. To use this simply go to start/run and type “sfc /scannow” without the quotes. You may need to have your Windows cd if it finds invalid versions of files. It can then use the CD to obtain the correct versions.

After running these utilities my computer was back to “Good as new”. Apparently most computer technicians know to run these utilities at a minimum of once a month. I could not locate any information on how often you should run these utilities, but most technicians agree minimally you should run them once a month. This does not include the virus and spyware scanning. Most recommend running these once a week. You should be running a registry cleaner regularly.

Article by PC 911


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