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Multi-booting Windows
Make multiple versions of Windows peacefully co-exist on your hard drive and easily accessible via a simple reboot

File Systems Unraveled
Learn all about Windows file systems FAT16, FAT32, and NTFS - how they work, and their advantages and shortcomings

Getting started with Windows 2000
How to prepare for the installation, different installation options, and customizing Windows 2000

Dual-booting Windows 9x and Windows 2000
You can install W2K and Windows 9x on the same machine and boot either one

Speed up Windows 2000
Free up some extra RAM and speed up Windows 2000 by shutting down services that aren't needed

Upgrade to Win 98 SE
How to get Windows 98 SE, the new features, and more

Clean install Windows
How to start with a clean slate and install Windows fresh

Repairing Windows
How to check for missing or damaged Windows system files and repair them

Back up System Files
How to back up important system configuration files

Windows 98 Registry Backup Guide
How to back up your Windows 98 registry and restore it easily in case of emergency

Device Drivers
What they do and how to keep them updated

Windows 9x Resources
What are Windows system resources, how do they get depleted, how to monitor them, and how to recover them

Shut Down Background Applications
How to track down a program causing problems and stop it from loading

Multi-Monitor Action
Multiply your Windows desktop real estate by hooking up one or more additional monitors to your PC

File Types
What types of files are on your hard drive, how file extensions work, how to identify them, and some tips

Managing the Swap File
What is the Windows Swap File and how to optimize it

No more Windows Login
How to eliminate the Windows Login dialog box on startup

Windows AutoRun
What is AutoRun, how does it work, how to disable or enable it and some tricks

Windows Send-To
Send-To is a often overlooked but very useful Windows feature. Find out what it is, how to customize it to make it work for you

Tweaking Windows
Cool tips to tweak Windows, customize Windows the way YOU want it, and links to great Windows tweak utilities

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