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Windows Installation: How to perform a clean install of Windows 

How to Start Again From Scratch

Most of the time you can resolve Windows problems with diligent troubleshooting. But sometimes, you just can't figure out the problem, reinstalling Windows didn't work, and you are tired of having troubles and want to start from scratch with a nice clean slate by reinstalling your operating system and all your applications software. This can be surprisingly easy, however, it must be done correctly - or you'll get plenty of practice doing it again. This tutorial is designed to help you make the process as easy and problem-free as possible.






A guide to setting up a new hard disk with Windows / performing a clean installation of Windows XP, 2000, ME or 98:

Before we begin, there are a few items that I must address:

  1. This material is presented "as is" and nobody can be held responsible for any damages or problems that might occur from the use or misuse of this information. Ultimately it is you that is responsible for what you do on your computer. However, I can reassure you that I have done my best to make sure this information is correct. Feel free to post any questions or problems to the PC Q&A forum.

  2. If you are running a system with an older bios that does not support LBA mode for large hard disks and are using some sort of disk manager or overlay program like EZBIOS so your hard drive can be recognized, please consult the program's documentation for instructions.
    Do not proceed with this method!

  3. If you are using a third party boot manager program like System Commander (used to boot multi operating systems), consult the program's documentation for instructions on removal.

  4. If you own a brand name computer like Compaq or IBM for example, you may not have a Windows CD. Instead you might have a "Restore/Recovery CD" (or even a hidden partition on your drive) that will return your system to the state it was in when it left the factory. If you have one of these, I highly recommend that you use it. You just run the program on the CD and follow the directions and it will do all the work for you; and you will not have any driver related problems. Consult your Owner's Manual or contact the manufacturer for more information.

Page 1: This page - before you begin
Page 2: Pre-format check list
Page 3: Partitioning and Fdisk-ing
Page 4: Formatting your partition & setting up Windows



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